Is back

Hello everyone, I hope you are well !
Me at the top, we meet for a new creation: Is back.

What if for a moment we observed a magical picasso painting. The more I advance and I review some of my test works, the more I realize the importance of the artist’s influence.

We can very well say that he is the ancestor of the doodle. You know this very colorful street art with lots of cartoons. I like to explore these illusory representations distorting the smallest element that we thought we knew.

As far as I can remember, a good number of works repelled me until I rediscovered them ten years after the little prince, the works of Dali, Club Dumas, Shakespeare, and especially Dickens.

Read Dickens, read it. Believe me you don’t know him.

So tall!
So low!
You take me,
Observe so low.
Shine there Sand well
The blue tint Flamingo
The red coat
From the fire rabbit.

Is back

Thanks to you for reading me. I hope you enjoyed this article. See you soon for new adventures.

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