The Divine

Hello everyone, I hope you are well. Personally me perfect. We meet today for a new creation: The Divine.

I don’t know about you but I have always been fascinated by this famous figure of the triangle with one eye. Maybe the Eye of Horus.

In any case I was delighted to realize that in Gravity Falls a character represents this fantasy. Bill. A kind of incarnation at all capable of power beyond our understanding, helped by demons all more abject than each other.

I also appreciate the magician side that the anime series gives him. For those who know I’m a big fan of Yu Gi Oh’s Time Wizard.

At the moment I like to realize cubism. I like to change my style from time to time. Otherwise in reading, for those who often ask me, I have inspirations from the side of Dickens, Saint Ex, a bit of Victor Hugo. As well as some science fiction book concept.

The projects are progressing slowly but surely.

With the reopening of the terraces I found myself. In front of her. His smile illuminating me. Her deep gaze, that of a woman. Desire, sensuality, emerged from our table. Then follows a long walk.

A moment near the shore. Our feet in the … somewhat dirty water. But, in short, let’s move on. His eyes in mine. Her female lips on mine.

The entrelas lasted an eternity. The next morning I left her asleep. Going back to where my job calls me. Maybe I’ll see her again? I don’t know if I want to.

I at least left her a note.

No way to contact me, of course. It is the magic of time and adventure.

I hope you liked my description of The Divine as well as my recent adventure in Paris. See you soon for new adventures. Thank you for your support.

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