Boom Pocalypse

Hello everyone, I hope you are well. Sorry again for those who waited. I know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything, but I needed a little break from my personal life. We finally meet for a new creation: Boom Pocalypse.

And out of the chaos was born the beauty, the calm, the love, the opulence of some as well as the poverty of others. If I had one main thank you to life so far: understanding that with work you can move mountains.

If the sky is your limit, explore space. When you talk to someone, never forget that your reality is partial.

A youth named Boom who lived in a burrow would witness the birth of Pocalypse, the Triangular Calamity. As Boom returned from the explosive mine where he had been tasked with designing explosives for the next purge he saw a huge red bird the size of a cloud alighting not far from Prukrin Peak. He put down a white egg covered in writing. Strange! But not enough for Boom who climbs the mountain to observe this deity.

Once at the top he was surprised to notice how the atmosphere calm and soothing as around the rain and thunderstorm argued for the slightest brightening. The atmosphere was a warm pale pink. Strange red feathers flew all around, disappearing on contact with Boom.

The bird turned, staring at him, circling around Boom petrified at the thought of making a false move.

“My child, your breed is that of a prince, your king is in this egg, take care. Tell my son that one day he will join me. “

The egg opened and he realized that this being had nothing in common. He was clearly divine offspring.

Pouic then flew off (because yes it was him) with a smile on his face. Moved by his kind gesture towards Boom. He knew him to be brave and sincere, he who had had nothing but his smile.

Our reality deserves a lot of us when we begin, and yet we are taught so much to adapt to the world around us that in the end we have become so molded that it is beyond us.

I hope you enjoyed this feedback article. Know that I come back with lots of new artistic and tech projects. I would know how to be forgiven;)

Please feel free to share the article and subscribe below friends. I wish you a good day and see you very soon.

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